Fall in love!

I read a funny quote that fall is to photographers what April is to accountants. haha so true. Be nice to a photographer in October. 

We have had a CRAZY amazing fall so far, except that it's been 90 degrees. What gives, Mother Nature? Not cool. I need some cozy fall weather and boots and apple cider donuts. 

Anyway, we had 9 weddings in September and are going on a double wedding weekend at Starved rock Friday/Saturday this week. AND we have had family/engagement/seniors photos booked for the last 3 weeks straight, every night. So we are bogged down over here and I am just trying to cull and edit and get a couple posts and deliver galleries without blogging. SO, check out our Facebook or instagram to see lots of recent fall pictures. And I'll post a few below for ya!! 

Thanks for checking out our work. Hope to dig out from our to do list next week when we have a little breather!!

Mary Morris