STOP. Pammer Time.

Well folks, I'm back. But probably not. haha! I have so many weddings to edit before christmas but I wanted to blog a little bit and this wedding was a total blast so I gotta put up some pictures. 

This was in October in Amanda's parents' yard and it was a beautifully RAINY fall day. But we didn't let that put a damper on us and we had a great time. 

We started the day split so Seth was with Dan and the guys. They had rented a huge old house here in our town where they all got dressed and hung out and its huge covered porch came in handy in the downpour. More on that. I love that Dan made time to have a moment with his mom and give her a present. I'm such a sucker for parent-child moments but honestly, they are so important. Too often I see brides or grooms with about a million attendants who distract attention from the parents. So all that to say, just make time for your parents. 

And I was with the girls. ALSO SIDENOTE-I recently attended a workshop and my all time fav photographer said not to blog more than 40 images. WHAT???? I seriously wanted to post every picture I took of the bride and groom with their attendants. It was so funny. But I skipped it to keep it short and sweet. (I still chose 80+ picture...oops.)

So I was with the girls and they are seriously hilarious. So so funny. I'm going to keep my eye on Facebook and see if they check in to places in town for their get togethers and then just happen to show up and hang out.....

So we knew the rain was coming so we ran out and busted some photos in front yard before it hit. We also did the first look right there so we could jump on the bus. I love in the first look photos you can see my photo and Seth's photo of the same moment when Amanda gave her groom a flirty little look. 

So we took off for downtown but before we even hit the main drag, the rain started. We had some cute little bubble umbrellas so we hit the ivy wall that Amanda really liked and then we headed over to the house for some photos inside and under cover. You can see the raindrops in some of the photos. Seth and I were pretty soaked but it was so worth it! 

So am I overwhelming you with photos yet??!?!! Sorry I just can't narrow it down any further!! But now it's time to get married. Amazingly the rain stopped as the bridal party lined up and then as the ceremony started, it poured! It was a beautiful ceremony incorporating many Jewish traditions and a big Mazel Tov to the newlyweds!! (Also, possibly my favorite walking down the aisle photo ever. FRAMER! Dad needs that photo!)

And then the sun....The sun emerged and the weather was perfect the rest of the night. It enabled us to get outside for a few moments. We took some family pictures by the barn and a few with the sun before the party began. I don't post a lot of posed family pictures on here because they are all the same really and not super indicative of our style but also they are so important. Don't skip on taking time to do some family photos. Try not to just rush through for the sake of it. But take a moment and give your mom/dad/brother/sister/grandparent a hug and a kiss and a "love you". These aren't the most artistic photos of any day but they are so important. (also that first one was a test shot and gawd, Amanda is gorgeous.)

Party time!! Due to said image limit I didn't choose photos of everything but just to give you an overview of the celebration we had for Amanda & Dan. It was pretty epic and the fact that they stayed up on those chairs for the entire Hora was impressive! :) 


If you follow us on Facebook or instagram, you'll know that occasionally I talk about a picture that I want taken of me/my family/my kids. Here is another one. This little guy was so good all day and was loving dancing and I just love this picture so much and I hope this little guy cherishes this photo of him and his grandpa (I think) for years. These are the kinds of photos I think are so important. So much more important than shoes and flowers and invitations which is why I choose to showcase them. The details of this weddings were spectacular and the couple will have photos of the details in their photos. But I want people to hire us because we see THIS. THIS IS OUR REASON. 

The fact that this little guy will be getting married someday and they will talk about how he was in a wedding when he was a toddler. They will pull out the pictures and he will see this picture and feel loved. Ultimately that is what we want for all of you. To capture the love. I hope you see and feel it in this wedding, even if you don't know the people because it's there. And we hope you hire us to your wedding or for a family session so we can capture it for you too.

Thanks A&D-you guys are the best. The absolute best. And whenever you are in town, you know we are down for a beer. :)